August 16, 2016

Yesterday (now 3 days ago), in a brief moment of low grade horror, in the midst of hours behind the camera, in the heat and bustle of wedding happenings, I was struck with my belief that I will be ok. The minor, or not so minor, horror I felt was in feeling how me beli...

January 25, 2016

Dissolving and deconstructing is the only way I know to find me. So many layers of self-image and costumes built up to the point of confinement. I ran out of for me. I started spilling and rolling out and over everything I built. I outgrew and started growi...

May 26, 2015



In the absence of the concept of time we are suspended. We live here always. In the place where nothing constrains us, we perfectly exist. Nothing is lacking and everything is enough. It doesn’t matter we almost never choose this. It just is and we are of it....

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May 13, 2016

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