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I spent the first 41 years of my life around and in Seattle, WA. My last name, "Aal," means eel in Norwegian. Eels remain a mystery, even to scientists dedicated to their study. I've grown to deeply appreciate and honor the mystery in life and each of us. Astrologically, I'm a Cancer with Leo Moon and Aries Rising. I've got Pluto in the 6th House and North Node in Sagittarius.    



I love exploring, internally and externally. I'm passionate about catalyzing and inspiring personal growth, starting and continuing with me. Currently, my partner Darren and I live in Los Angeles, CA. We adventure and pursue creative projects together, sharing an affinity for nature, beauty, and expression.



I've chosen a variety of jobs and creative endeavors. I had a 22-year career in healthcare operations and compliance. I dabbled in bookkeeping, auto insurance, and restaurants. I share my paintings, drawings, and photography. I've had lots of fun with radio show gigs. I volunteer in various capacities. I'm a writer with marketing management experience and practice and teach astrology and tarot. 



I've been practicing astrology and tarot for about 13 years (since 2011). I completed Laura Nalbandian's 3-year evolutionary astrology program based on Jeffrey Wolf Green's material. I also completed Adam Gainsburg's Soulsign Astrology program. I've also studied esoteric astrology and continue learning different perspectives and techniques. Astrology has been a homecoming for me, ultimately coming home to and within myself.


My speaking and teaching engagements include NORWAC (Northwest Astrological Conference), ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research), Kepler College, and UAC (United Astrology Conference). I offer private sessions and teach astrology and tarot classes. You can find my YouTube videos on my channel and the EA Zoom Meetings channel.         


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