I spent the first 41 years of my life around and in Seattle, WA. My last name "Aal" means eel in Norwegian. Eels remain a mystery, even to scientists dedicated to their study. I've grown to deeply appreciate and honor the mystery in life and each of us. Astrologically, I'm a Cancer with Leo Moon and Aries Rising. I've got Pluto in the 6th House and North Node in Sagittarius.    



I love exploring, internally and externally. I'm so thankful for all the amazing people in my life - past, present, and future. I'm passionate about catalyzing and inspiring positive change by supporting personal growth, starting and continuing with me. Currently, my partner and I live in Los Angeles, CA. We adventure and pursue creative projects together, sharing an affinity for nature, beauty, and expression.



I've chosen a variety of jobs and creative endeavors. I had a 22-year career in health care operations and compliance. I dabbled in bookkeeping, auto insurance, and restaurants. I share my paintings, drawings, and photography. I've had lots of fun with radio show gigs. I volunteer in various capacities. I write and practice and teach astrology and tarot. 



I completed Laura Nalbandian's 3-year evolutionary astrology program based on Jeffrey Wolf Green's material. I also completed Adam Gainsburg's Soulsign astrology program. Dane Rudhyar, through his great works, has been and will always be my teacher.

Astrology has been a homecoming for me, ultimately coming home to/within myself.



My full-time gig is the resident astrologer and lead writer for Sage Goddess in Los Angeles. I speak at astrology conferences, including UAC, NORWAC, and the annual Indian Institute of Oriental Heritage International Astrological Conference. I also offer private sessions and workshops and write for various publications. You can find my YouTube videos on the EA Zoom Meetings channel. 
























Photo by Wonder Bright


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