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Living Planets 1st - Choosing a New Experience of Yourself 


About nine years ago, I started working with an astrological technique called Planets on the 1st. The planets represent facets of our psyche. We use planets in astrology to look at different aspects or functions of ourselves. Pretend you're in a very large space with numerous rooms, doors, and windows. If you've always stood in the same corner, looking straight ahead, your experience has been limited. The other rooms, doors, and windows are ever-present. Choosing a planet 1st is simply re-orienting you in your own space; it's you giving yourself more of you.


We can consciously choose an experience of ourselves from a facet within our wholeness. Imagine yourself as a cast of characters in a movie or play. Choosing a planet 1st is like choosing which character will lead — the person's perspective through which the story is revealed. You are the whole cast, but, for example, choosing to be the sensitive dreamer as lead will be a very different filter than the goal-oriented go-getter. 


Technically, we move the planet chosen 1st to the Ascendant, rotating the zodiac at the same time. It's an artificial chart because this geophysical moment has never occurred. This version of the chart is a fractal of the whole thing, or whole you.


This planetary tool will give you examples of how the planets represent parts of our psyche.


Choosing planets 1st strengthens and develops parts of us that have atrophied due to underuse, been hiding in the background, or just have something new to show us. When we choose a planet 1st, we aren't simply getting more information or intellectually learning about this energy within us. We are literally having an experience of ourselves, living life through that player (planet) in your life story.


If you want to learn more, you can click here for one of my presentations with EA (Evolutionary Astrology) Zoom Meetings and watch my We Are the Planets Video Series.

If you're working with or experimenting with this technique, I'd love to hear about your experiences and insights. Please consider reaching out and sharing with me. Let's collaborate and see where we can take this! 

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