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Astrology is a language of energy and symbols. By exploring the archetypes and associated myths, we can better relate to ourselves and everything around us. Astrology has changed my much that I now find ways to learn and share it full-time! It helps me have more compassion for myself and others and see things from different perspectives. On a deep level, astrology speaks to my soul and supports my evolutionary journey and healing in ways I've never experienced before.


Growth on this planet often involves intense, challenging, and unknown circumstances. In astrology, we have an amazing tool that helps us understand what seems to be happening to us. Understanding does not replace experience but does give us some comfort and access to new choices. Astrology opens the door to transformative and intimate conversations. It expands our minds, hearts, and our options.    


Your life is a story in the making - where do you want it to go? Are there old patterns you're ready to leave behind? Are you doing the things that make your heart happy and satisfy your soul? I practice Evolutionary Astrology, which focuses on the soul's evolutionary journey. It reveals our deepest desires, fears, strengths, weaknesses, karmic or past life patterns, present orientation to life, and intention for growth and evolution now. Everything astrology shows us is already within us, but sometimes, we need help accessing our own resources. And it guides us in working with the flow of energy, especially within ourselves. 




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