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"I received an astrology reading with Tara as a birthday present.  It was the best gift ever!  While I have had plenty of readings in the past, Tara had a unique way of interpreting my chart that brought to light fresh insight and self-knowledge. She is warm and grounded and communicates what could be considered complicated "astrological" information with clarity and applicability. I was immediately able to integrate the wisdom Tara shared with me - it had a positive emotional impact on my life (self-compassion) as well as a practical one (lead me to take action of my desired career path in a more confident way).  If you decide to get a reading with Tara, you will not be disappointed."  Paige, Los Angeles

“Learning Astrology with Tara Aal was one of my aha moments. Astrology answered the questions that had risen from a lifetime of self quest: I understood--finally-- why I behaved and reacted in certain ways, and how I affected people and the way they behaved towards me. Getting to know myself not only made it easier to love and accept myself but also it bettered my understanding and acceptance of others. Now, I know for sure that Astrology itself would not have had all this impact on me if it hadn't been presented to me by Tara. Her knowledge, her warmth, her love for people, her passion for what she does, her outlook on life is a life experience in itself. She is the true guide, the one that opens the door for you, but it is for you to cross it and walk your path.”  Yara, Seattle

"Tara identified a key issue in my life. She gave me information in a way that opened and reflected something significant in my experience, allowing me to feel more in alignment with what life wants for me."  Cathy, Seattle


“Tara's classes and readings are open, honest, humorous, heartfelt and powerful... she blends just the right amount of humor in the information she shares.  At the end of the day, I always felt that things would be ok... that we're all navigating our lives at the same time, if not at the same speed or direction... and that we're all perfectly right on course for our unique selves.  Tara openly admits to being human and having the same opportunities as the rest of us.  It's wonderful to meet and work with an awesomely open soul who shares her experiences, knowledge and information to those willing to ask, willing to hear, willing to be.” Lisa, Seattle


“Tara Aal’s astrological readings are concise and detail oriented. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a more in-depth reading.” Diana, Seattle


"Tara Aal's evolutionary astrology reading was one of the most helpful I have ever experienced (and as the founder of, I have had plenty). Her deep psychological approach revealed aspects of myself and my life that were new for me, shedding so much light on who I am and what I'm dealing with. I came out of Tara's reading not only feeling that I understood myself better, but also with more appreciation and compassion for myself … as well as gratitude for the way Tara shared her profound wisdom in such a heart-centered way. Tara Aal is one very talented astrologer!" Paul, Portland


“I just gave myself the best birthday gift of an astrology reading with Tara. She is real, down to earth, and easy to open up to. We focused on career transitions but went so deep into many other parts of my life. Tara's readings are incredibly generous.... you just get so much information. She is also a very wise and intuitive counselor. She had incredible insight about my career and what I need to do to be the best version of myself. It was such a treat to listen to the recording and take more notes. I feel motivated and encouraged to begin a new phase of life.” Sarah, Los Angeles

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