Scheduling Time with Me

I offer astrology and tarot sessions or a combination of both. Options and prices are below. Payment is due at least 72 hours prior to the session via PayPal or Venmo.

INITIAL SESSION (about 90 minutes) $180

FOLLOW-UP SESSIONS (usually 60 or 90 minutes) $120 per hour


Here are some examples of how I support clients:

  • Illuminating patterns, so you can make more conscious choices

  • Having more compassion for yourself and others

  • Being more honest and authentic

  • Recognizing and making the best of your natural talents and gifts

  • Remembering and responding to the deepest desires of your Soul/Essence

  • Feeling inspired to grow and transform

  • Understanding your needs and desires

  • Shifting your perception to experience new realities

  • Engaging in life-changing conversations

  • Empowering yourself to live more true to your nature

  • Being more alive and present

  • Bringing objectivity to difficult relationships and situations

  • Finding more value, meaning, and purpose in everything you do