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I chose to live Venus 1st starting my birthday July 20, 2015, until October 5, 2016, and literally rocked my world. Venus wants to be comfortable, feel good, enjoy the sensual pleasures of life and maintain harmony in relationships. I experienced my body in new ways, especially my femininity. A more natural and honest me emerged, challenging my definitions of beauty and values. I felt my intense dislike and distaste of things and how manipulating people and circumstances is a conditioned method of making myself more comfortable. In many ways, during my time with Venus 1st, I learned to be "ok" with un-comfortability. I developed more ease with myself and others. The more I embody myself, the less I'm dependent on the outside world to supply my needs in specific and particular ways.    


The Venus in each of us practices the art of love and I found the Love of My Life during this time. Choosing Venus 1st showed me how much I want a relationship and my own unique style of loving and receiving love, with myself and others. My partner, Darren, and I are on a magical journey. Shortly before we met, we'd both quit careers to pursue our creative passions and follow our hearts. The initiatory move of my Venus 1st time was leaving my 22-year career to do what I want to do.  Just a month following this choice, Darren traveled to Seattle and we met for the first time, on common ground, with the freedom to do as we please. We both had money saved, giving us the freedom to play and to be available for family and friends in major life transitions. As we built the foundation of our relationship, our love was our full-time project.   


In August 2015, I bought a one-way airline ticket (hadn't done that before) to meet Darren in Arizona, which began a 5-week outdoor SW adventure (my friends wondered if I was ever coming home). When I returned to Seattle, I hired someone to film my hosting reel (rekindling dreams of an astrology dating show in LA) and showed my art at the Beauty Bar Spa. In January 2016, I sold my Seattle home and moved to live with Darren in Brooklyn, NYC. On a road trip a few months later, we drove through Venus, TX (by chance)! My body noticeably changed during my Venus 1st time and I really enjoyed eating - I put on 15+ pounds and curves.


I thought I would continue Venus 1st through my 2016 birthday year, but a few months into it, Mercury began loudly knocking. And my Mars also made it very clear that warrior chart rulers do not go dormant (I have Aries Rising), but I will save this dialogue for another time. Shifting to different places within myself reveals "old" parts in very new ways. October 2016, I chose Mercury 1st and share those experiences under its own section - check it out! 


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