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Moon Stages

Moon Phase Handouts — a Gift for You

I like working with astrology in practical ways that make my life better and more meaningful. Working with your moon phase energy helps you meet each moment more naturally and effectively. It symbolizes the way you’re wired to engage in life and live your purpose. When you consciously sync up with and embody this energy, you get more flow. Even when it feels scary, awkward, or uncomfortable, embracing and acting on it brings a sense of alignment from the inside out. 

What moon phase were you born under? I was born under a new moon, so sometimes it means making a move when I’m uncomfortable. Sometimes, it means being direct when my Cancer Sun-self wants to retreat into my shell or lean toward passive-aggressiveness. The more I learn to trust my instincts and go after what I really want, the better I feel — even when it doesn’t “work out.”

These handouts have keywords, correspondences, and a mantra for each moon phase. I hope they help you discover more you ❤️

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