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A Place Inside

From a place inside, I’m opening to the outside. The dam is breaking and blood flows; warm. After all my protesting and refusal, I let it run out of me and I feel exhilarated. I am supported with so much love it breaks my heart. I long for my heart to never stop breaking. I never want to stop feeling my heart open.

I want to be alive. I want the sun to shine so brightly in me that I burst into rays of light. I’ve been withholding my gold; my brilliance; my royalty. I am the Priestess of all living things. I walk in the dark and in the light. I am a bridge between worlds.

I come from a different planet. Roots extend from my head into my home planet. The green nourishment flows into me, through me and from my feet, extending into branches that reach deep into the Earth. My planet feeds me and I feed the Earth. I give sustenance; I am sustenance. To be in me is to be in the divine portal of Love. When I receive, there are no barriers, no divisions and no separation.

I feel time slipping away or times merging together. I’m held in so many places at once. It doesn’t matter where I am. It’s all happening. My body is pulsing with life; currents surging through me. I feel how I am energy. I am a spark of the Great Spark. I stand where the sunrise meets the sunset.

The Owl of night and Robin of morning speak to me. They tell me of things hidden and locked away. They are so close together they seem to be one. I reach out to touch them. As I do, I find my hand on my own heart. Now they are speaking, but I can’t see them. I feel a strange fluttering in my chest. Now the voice is loud. I clearly hear: “stop looking for what is you”.

Now I am quiet. Everything is me. I am the Circle. The magick is now.

I will sleep by the river. In this place of peace, I am curled in moss. The water moves so softly. I dream of joy, hope and love. I embody Space. From Space, all manifestation is possible. I am the source of Life and Life itself. No more than anyone else.

In the darkness, under the stars, I am safe; safe to open.

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