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We Are the Planets

I want to share part of my journey with astrology, the language that has opened my heart and mind in so many ways. Planets really do exist in our solar system, and we personify them with mythology – as gods and goddesses. These archetypes resonate with all of us, because they live in us, are us. We are the planets! When I practice astrology, I’m learning to really embrace my own story and myth. My story (and yours) is in creation, and we don’t know where and how it ends. I want to give myself more space to play, create, grow and change as I live my “story”. Astrology isn’t meant to give us the answers, it’s meant to expand our questions, so we aren’t so stuck.

I wonder sometimes just how I want to use astrology in the world. I don’t know the specifics. If I do, write or say something that helps enlarge the playing field for the unfolding of our stories, I’m happy. When we have more options and more room to create ourselves and our reality, we all feel better. It’s so easy to feel like we need to get somewhere, but that somewhere is here.

In astrology, the planets, as we use them in the chart, are just names of things that don’t exist except in unison as a human being, and in symphony, produce the outward sounds of you and me. We can break the sounds apart, but not without consequence. The consequence is not losing anything, for the whole never ceases pulsing its eternal existence. The consequence is believing, that because we narrowed our focus, that anything ceases. But without the narrowed focus, we would be unable to experience anything as a human.

Everything is pure energy. Pure energy is…unknowable to me…in my state of being. So, I use planets to represent facets of me and I separate them out so I can feed myself to myself in bites I can fit in my mouth. And they are still too big, so I break those down…and those…

Now I remember this and find great comfort in it; comfort in feeling my own vibration and knowing the pieces are just pieces I create that never truly disassemble anything. I am unable to break me apart. Therefore, I cannot actually unravel. I really AM.

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