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Mercury Me - "Where is my Mind?"

Today, I gushed forth a big share about my life over the past six months and choosing Mercury as my current Planet on the 1st. The following is part of my share - if you wish, skip this blog and click here to read the whole thing.

Information is powerful. How we communicate, from the words we choose, to our body language, makes an impact. My Mercury 1st experience is serving me well. It’s revealing connections and patterns within me and how they manifest outside of me. When I hear feedback I don’t like, I challenge myself to look in that mirror with discernment; to find the parts of me I need to recognize and accept. I’m learning a lot about my relationship with rejection, criticism and authority.

Astrologer and therapist, Jason Holley, recently taught about ‘Deep Mercury’ at the Northwest Astrological Conference. I was delighted I signed up for his pre-conference workshop. He is always amazing, but this time, I had forgotten the topic of the workshop, and just days before, as I was preparing to travel, I was reminded it was Mercury (and DEEP) - another affirmation of my Planets 1st experience. Jason encouraged us to look at the whole story with Mercury, because Mercury is never as simple as X. He said that Mercury wants to get things moving that are stuck, so that the/our story can continue. And Mercury is not attached to morals or a defined course; Mercury’s injunction for us is to keep moving. This resonates with me – from geographically moving, moving into a new full-time job, and moving internal parts of myself that have been stuck (specifically slowly extricating my head from being completely embedded in my digestive system) 😊. When I’m ‘going’, as I am now, I receive new information and awareness, through every step and connection on my path – from my jog in the morning, to my car commute in LA traffic, to my day in the office, back home to share with my Love.

“Does it make sense?" According to what or whom? My Mercury-self is naturally controlling, authoritative, penetrating, and emotional. I’m choosing less ‘lock-down’ within myself which makes room. The combination of choosing Mercury 1st and my Mars Mercury progression signature equals doubled down mental action. My Mercury nature is also caring and cooperative; deeply enjoying the sweetness of life and love in all beings. I don’t care so much if things ‘make sense’. I do care about the accuracy of information, not the crossing t’s and dotting i’s, but the truth that is palpable and emanating from the delivery of the message, in the message itself, and in the messenger. I believe in integrity – in being true to who and what you are, as you are changing in each moment. I respect honesty above false humility, generosity, compassion or any other unembodied and unlived positively defined quality.

With less than a week left of this round of Mercury 1st (I’m choosing a new planet 1st for my birthday July 20th), this is my intention and wish for myself…and for you:

May the perceived motion of our bodies and our lives be in perfect harmony with our stream of consciousness.

As we speak, may our words be infused with love, so the meaning will never be transfigured or lost.

In listening, may we invoke self-arising wisdom, activating the space between.

May we honor and celebrate the tremendous capacity of our minds, but never above the Truth in our hearts.

Together, let us inspire the story to continue, allowing freedom for its course.

May we recognize our connection in and to all things, relinquishing our personal proprietary attachments to knowledge.

By invoking our transitory nature, may we find ourselves flexible and available for the least and most expected simultaneously.

May we deeply laugh at the delicate balance between our lightness and darkness; our simple animal behavior and our enlightened, limitless Spirit.

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