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Retrograde Planets, 'Slow Me Down' Taurus & Gibbous Moon April 7, 2017

Seems the only thing reflecting our inner need to move fast, straight and hard is the Sun in Aries. Saturn, Jupiter and Venus are retrograde. Mars is in the sluggish sign Taurus. Mercury is also in Taurus, soon to go retrograde on April 10th. Taurus can be slow and stubborn because it wants to find value, meaning and purpose. Taurus will put in the work and energy only if the pay-off is worth it. Our Aries Sun is supplying the most raw, potent activating fire to make sure we don’t just stop in this process.

Slowing down feels like the Universal theme. It takes a lot of energy to slow down and STAY in this intimate pace with endurance. This is a time we (each one of us) chose to reassess ourselves personally and collectively on many levels. Retrograde planets represent parts/functions within us needing inner examination to rework, redefine and reevaluate whatever the planet represents. The Moon is in its waxing Gibbous phase, which reflects Virgo energy, further supporting us in these adjustments; the last chance to make changes before the fruition of the Full Moon.

Saturn Retrograde

Forget the sign it’s in for now. Saturn is the part of us that follows the rules. It’s how we keep us and others safe and in ‘control’. It’s our inner authority, how we take (or do not take) responsibility. Saturn wants to set and achieve goals. Saturn wants respect. What rules are you following? What are you truly responsible for?

Saturn retrograde is the time to take a mature accounting of yourself and what/where you’ve reached in life. Not a time for setting new goals, but for revising those you’ve already put in place, perhaps not even consciously. A time to ask if the rules and ways you follow, and what you’re working for, align with you once you strip off the societal, parental and cultural programming. Where do you need to step up?

Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter reflects our beliefs, aspirations, sense of meaning and direction in life. Jupiter is our path; how we navigate through life. It is also how we seek to expand and grow within society. Are we living what we teach/preach? Do we have an innate confidence in ourselves and our intuition?

Jupiter retrograde is a sign we need to slow and come down to earth. We need to examine where we’ve gone to wasteful excess. This part of us is always wanting to go bigger and for more. We may feel that we are ‘above it all’ in certain areas. Right now, we can look at our beliefs and how we live them day to day. Are we living our truth? Are we making good use of opportunities? Are the choices we’ve been making lifting us and others up in a genuine and meaningful way?

Venus Retrograde

Venus reflects our values, receptivity, how we love and relate, what we like and don’t like, beauty, our sense of fairness and reciprocity. Venus represents our inner feminine; the part of us that attracts, receives and longs to experience life within us, in form (our body) and through our senses. Our feminine nature wants to make life part of us.

With Venus retrograde, we are challenged to face past and current relationships to assess where we need to clean things up or make different choices. This includes our relationship with ourselves and our resources. Venus rules our stuff, so attachments to people and things come to the forefront. And with Venus going direct in a week and into the sign of Aries by the end of the month, I believe we are getting ready for a new experience of the feminine. But for now, Venus is in Pisces and hidden illusions and deceptions are ripe for discovery (or denial). Old relationships and relationship patterns that no longer serve us come into question, so we can let them go. If we do, the new evolutionary cycle of Aries can emerge with more vitality and freedom to explore the unknown.

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