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My Belonging

My Belonging

I run through the forest to the meadow. The sun is brilliant. The birds are singing. There is nothing left to bind me. In the space of timelessness, I stand.

For centuries I held the dam, tending it with meticulous care. Now it falls apart. I let it wash away with the current. Lifetimes of protection disintegrate like a dried leaf; as if nothing was ever there.

My heart aches as it expands; opening to all the things I refused to embrace. What has been with me, around me and in me reveals; shows me it’s simply been waiting. I want everything I rejected. All my rejecting could not send it away.

New energy spirals within me. I feel connected above and below. From my deepest grief, pleasure arises. I am feeling my body awaken. My integration is visceral. I am transmuting. My old form is forever changed. I vibrate with the true Essence of me.

Everything is beautiful. Everything is perfect.

I leave the meadow. I enter the city. In the buzz of traffic and technology, I am calm. I belong here. I belong…right where I am. And I want to be here. With you.

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