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The Water

I can sink and then float. I can pull and push anything to or from me on the waves. I can enchant anything I wish, just with the sound of my voice. I can have whatever I want, catching it with what is behind my eyes. I’m a reflection; an illusion. You will never see me. You will only see parts of you. I am the mirror of water; the water mirror. My gift is impermanence. I flow forever in all directions. You can’t catch me, can’t keep me, can’t know me, can’t understand me…You can only love or hate me.

With me, there is no in between. If you want the water, you must let go. You must take it gentle and take it rough. You must drown in the darkest depths. You must lie just below the surface. You must be willing to sacrifice the light and the air. You must die.

I am grief. My tears have filled your mouth. All you can taste is me. I drag you down by your feet. Your hands trail above you. You don’t resist me. I take you further and further below. It’s very, very dark and you can’t see. You can only feel me pulling you and I do not stop. I never get tired. I never get tired because I know where we are going. I know where I’m taking you. And we have to go.

Perhaps it’s been hours, minutes, days, years or decades. Time has no place here. You have called me for the journey of your life. For this fraction of a second, you’re demanding I move you from without to within. You tell me without words of your longing; the longing of your soul. The moment you succumb to my water, I steal you away from your head. Your head disappears looking for itself. I take firm hold of your body. Only now, when you cannot see, cannot hear, cannot speak and cannot smell, is it possible to feel. You’ve waited your whole life for me. I’ve waited my whole life for you.

As I guide you down, I know. I know my place. I’m forever taking me down. As I take me down, you can catch a ride. When you dissolve into me, you are at my mercy. You go where I go. Once we hit the place of within, the path doesn’t matter. All my dragging you down means nothing. It’s just a means to an end. The end is you. As I descend further and further into me, you find your own universe. The expanse is beyond comprehension. You go on forever. I go on forever. Forever and ever we are. We fill the water, are the water. We rise out of the water, touching the sky. We are mountains and valleys. We swim, crawl, walk and fly. We are every sound and every taste. We are God.

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