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I Love Photography

I just got back from a five week adventure in the SW. My companion and I took many photos! I not only remember how much I love photography, I feel a new surge of passion! Our photos of the gorgeous outdoors are amazing. Even more amazing was being in nature and looking in awe at landscapes as if they were other planets. Maybe even more amazing is our huge collection of self portraits that tell the story of our adventure together and how we're feeling about everything, including each other. I'll never capture a sunrise or sunset in its full glory, but it's fun to try sometimes. When a photo captures a real moment; a true, unfiltered expression, it brings me to tears. I want to experience this again and again!

Tonight, I served as a volunteer photographer for El Centro de la Raza's Dia de los Muertos event. It's been several years (or more) since I volunteered for an El Centro de la Raza event. AND...I love it! Being with people who are passionate about what they believe in and taking action in the community to make a difference is inspiring and beautiful. I like people with BIG values because they create powerful experiences that rock the world, touching one heart at a time. I like how they touch mine. I like how it feels. I like experiences that open my heart.

So, tonight, I am thankful for life and living. I'm thankful I have the privilege to choose to do the things I love with the people I love. I'm thankful for people with the courage to be living from their hearts, transforming everything and everyone they touch!

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