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In studying bodies, my body, I learn more about energy and how it manifests in form and physical motion. I've paid little attention to this until now. I've paid little attention to the face of things; the actual surface, flesh and how it really is. My seeing beyond is beautiful. I see through, in and to what has been and will be. Now, I start to allow my sight to show me now, in definition and density. Anything can/could be anything. But, what is this thing right now? Perhaps it could be...or...and...,but it is not these. I can let it be what it is. Even as it transforms, and it is, I will see it now. I will see and know it as now and now and now infinity. I feel sweet comfort in this space. Not abandoning the transformation process, but ceasing to track it. I have never felt this now without some hitch to where it's going or what is happening. The feminine is form. We feel through our form. Does this mean we don't feel without the feminine? I suppose it does. It takes a lot of work to be in physical form and avoid feeling. This is exactly what we do. We ARE feeling because we are human form. And it is feeling we fear. And feeling we crave. And feeling we hate. And feeling we love. This feeling can't exist without physical manifestation. But physical manifestation reveals our weaknesses and strengths. It shows us what we are in that moment. Mostly, we want to be a past or future version that we can control in our minds. So, physical manifestation shows us in this earthly dimension who we are and what we truly create, moment by moment. Feminine = form = feeling. In my form, I can feel. The deal is I can only feel through my being as it is and it is always changing. I cannot control this. Of course we hate each other, judge each other, hurt and kill each other. We feel, and this feeling drives us to do anything to control what is uncontrollable. Until we are able and choosing to feel ourselves feeling without needing to act, change, blame, or reason, we will inflict upon others everything we refuse to carry.

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