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In the absence of the concept of time we are suspended. We live here always. In the place where nothing constrains us, we perfectly exist. Nothing is lacking and everything is enough. It doesn’t matter we almost never choose this. It just is and we are of it. Timeless beauty radiates in every form simultaneously.

In our personal worlds, we live in our stories. We write the script for exactly what we want to experience. We forget it’s a story and crystallize it into truth; limitations; ideals. We live in a brain constructed dead-end. No matter which chapter or volume, the underlying plot is the same. All turns, doors and choices lead to the same place. We always know where we are going.

We have other options.

Don’t read on if you don’t want to change.

We can step aside the story. It will keep running, but we don’t have to. We can stop. What does it mean to be in the moment? We don’t know until we choose it. How do we choose it? How do we “be”?

There is a place inside each of us. It is raw, pure and vital. Its delight is only in what is happening. It does not seek to change or control anything. It wants to experience itself through its incarnated being. Everything external is received internally so life can feel itself.

The story creates a separation. In the story we still experience life, but without full engagement. To be in the moment is to be timelessness and story at the same time. Not stuck in the story, but aware of the story.

We live in our self-created world and universal truth without contradiction. Each side lets us see the other. Because we have an ego, we can fathom the soul. Because we have a soul, we can relinquish attachment to the ego. Because we have both, we can feel. In feeling, we discover our humanity.

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