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When I was a child, I wanted to be a supreme court justice. I wanted to be a judge. Ultimately, I believe I wanted to make things 'right' as overcompensation for my habit of making everything 'wrong'...mostly myself.

I'm learning that balance, karma and justice are words to describe the laws of cause and effect. Personally, my awareness of what I'm choosing and the consequences of my actions (including inaction) is increasing.

I feel myself as Libra's scales, as they adjust to weight added and removed. There is nothing static about this process and Libra's scales are balancing, not balance. Libra is balance in action. To live Libra is to eternally dance with never-ending partners, inside and out.

I love words, but am finding much less comfort in their definitions. Perhaps the cycle or circle that is me, hums in the groove of beginnings at least as much as endings. Not that they are separate, but beginners heart has so much room for the unknown. If I stop trying to control the ending, I might experience a true beginning.

Justice = True = Right

What is truly right and just? You have to judge that for yourself.

I didn't really want to be a supreme court justice. I just wanted to be true to myself.

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